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Those of us who manage the Office 365 environment, we have all been frustrated with the lack of proactive service monitoring alerts in Office 365. Steve Peschka and his team have developed a new product that nicely fills that gap. Please check out their product at It proactively monitors Office 365 and sends you alert via email or text when there is any issue or outage. The setup is really easy and there is no need for additional hardware or software.

Sal Bawany
Chief Solutions Architect

...this is a service that every Office 365 customer on the planet should be using. It’s that important. It’s good for customers, it’s good for Microsoft and it’s good for what matters most, our users.

Spencer Harbar

They give you the full premium features for free for 90 days...Pretty awesome.

Joel Oleson
Top 25 SharePoint and Office 365 Influencer
Director of Marketing & Product Strategy
Hershey Technologies

This is really great tool for any customer using Office 365 from monitoring perspective. Obviously we hope and target not to have actual service breaks in the Office 365, but since we are talking about IT systems created by humans, there can be some unexpected situations, which are important to know about.

Vesa Juvonen
Senior Program Manager

There's a lot of value in hearing about a problem early. Microsoft attempts to flag problems in the Office 365 service dashboard but don’t inform tenants about problems as quickly as a monitoring product can.

Tony Redmond
Senior Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro

With our 15 years history building mission critical enterprise applications, we advise Softlanding Clients to be thoughtful while transitioning to the Cloud. Office365Mon is certainly an integral tool in Cloud transition so you have the real-time health of your tenancy at your fingertips.

Mahmood Jaffer

It only takes a few minutes to get real-time alerts from your tenancy with Office35Mon. I am a fan of its authentication story that does NOT require sharing my credentials.

Paul Hackett
Stratus Technologies

Office365Mon is an ideal Office 365 monitoring service for the busy Office 365 Administrator. It is easy and straightforward to configure and manage for basic monitoring, yet also offers powerful tools for those with more advanced monitoring needs.

Tim Crean
University of Colorado

Office365Mon’s real time monitoring and alerts have been essential to our business's ability to provide a high level of service to our customers using Office 365.

Bryan Hart
Solanite Consulting

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